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State/Class Highlight: Kentucky Trucks

Kentucky! Our favorite state at Dealer Trade Network (because we live here). There’s so much to love: horses, bourbon, natural wonders and wonderful people. We’re starting here with our State/Class Highlight feature because why wouldn’t we?

You can’t really think about vehicles in Kentucky without thinking about trucks. After all, how else are you going to haul your horse trailer (or bourbon barrels)? So today, we’re taking a look at some of the top selling trucks in Kentucky.

We look at data from the past 30 days to give us a snapshot of inventory and sales numbers. This lets us focus in on a specific location and specific class to get an idea of what is selling right now, and also what kind of inventory is currently on the market.

What’s Selling in KY?

In Kentucky, the Ford F-150 is the sales leader for trucks in its class for the past 30 days. 262 Ford F-150 trucks have sold in the last month, a slight margin over the second-highest seller. Currently, there are 404 F-150s still on the market.

The second-highest seller in the past 30 days is the Ram 1500 Pickup. This vehicle was narrowly edged out by Ford, selling 241 units in the past month. However, there is currently more Ram 1500 Pickup inventory, with 487 units on the market. With that inventory and such a small margin, there is a good chance the Ram 1500 Pickup could overtake the Ford F-150 in sales numbers in the coming weeks.

Next up is the Chevy Silverado 1500. Kentucky has sold 154 units in the past 30 days, and still has 370 units of inventory available in the state.

Toyota Tundra is next on the list, having sold 96 units in the past month. This is also the only vehicle on this list that has fewer units of inventory than have sold, with only 92 remaining units available.

The GMC Sierra 1500 rounds out this list, with 56 units having sold in the past month. There are currently 76 units available for purchase in the state of Kentucky.

Keeping track of the math? 809 trucks from this list have sold in the past 30 days in Kentucky, and there are still 1,429 units of inventory available.