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Trucks Top Inventory Lists for Most States


This month, amidst continued inventory challenges and historically high fuel prices, trucks remain at the top of inventory lists for most states. In fact, 4 out of the top 5 models by available inventory are trucks.

There are plenty of Ram 1500 Pickups (40,199 nationally), Ford F-150s (39,104), Toyota Tacomas (25,564), and Chevy Silverado 1500s (25,233) in the U.S., at least compared with other models.  Much of this inventory is located in the usual states: Texas, California, Florida, Michigan, and New York.

A surprising standout is the third-highest unit by inventory: Ford’s scrappy Ecosport SUV, with 32,545 units nationally. And, while New York is no surprise as the state with the highest Ecosport inventory, with 4,667 units, several Mid-East states are also currently carrying heavy Ecosport inventories. Ohio (4,593 units), Illinois (1,467 units), Indiana (1,022 units), West Virginia (1,002 units), and Kentucky (618 units) all show this unit as being top on their inventory list.