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General Motors electric vehicle sales figures recently showed that the company surpassed Ford to become the No. 2 seller of electric vehicles in the US in the first quarter of 2023.

GM also offered a buyout to employees as part of a $2 billion cost-cutting initiative, with a goal of having 30 all-electric models globally by 2025.

Electric models for some of their most popular vehicles like the Silverado, Blazer and Equinox are all expected to release as soon as 2024. These moves show that the company is serious about tying their future to electric vehicles.

"The steps we are taking will allow us to maintain momentum, remain agile, and create a more competitive GM."

David BarnasSenior Director, News Relations, General Motors
Chevy Bolt Hot Spots

Although the Cadillac Lyriq debuted last quarter, GM was able to overtake Ford’s number two spot almost exclusively on the back of the Chevy Bolt platform.

Our free National Days Supply Report is showing that Chevy Bolt EVs are currently sitting at a 27 days supply, while the Bolt EUV has a 21 days supply on a national level.

However, there are certain markets that are turning Chevy Bolts at a higher pace than others. Check out the images below to see what our software is saying about the hottest markets for Chevy Bolts.

The Hottest Markets for 2023 Chevy Bolts
Washington, DC
94% Turn Rate
Tampa Bay, Florida
93% Turn Rate
Minneapolis, Minnesota
92% Turn Rate
Chicago, Illinois
92% Turn Rate
Detroit, Michigan
92% Turn Rate

Photo Credits: Greg Gjerdingen|jpellgen|