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The age-old question: Mustang or Camaro?

Wiser gear-heads than me have argued their opinions on which of these classics is the better car for longer than I’ve legally been allowed to drive. Both are great cars, and we won’t fault your preference either way. They are so evenly matched, in fact, that any contest between the two may come down to which one a new buyer can actually find on dealers’ lots. So, in the battle of access to inventory, which vehicle comes out on top?


There are nearly 3 times as many Mustangs on the ground compared to Camaros, and 3 times the days supply. As the map indicates, Mustangs have largely made their migration to warmer, sunnier climes for winter… only a handful of units remain in the more northerly states, as indicated by the lighter color used on those areas.


Camaros are 3 times harder to find than Mustangs, with roughly 1/3 the days supply. Camaro units are also spread more across the U.S., with a higher percentage of units available in Washington, as well as the Central U.S. and East Coast, as indicated by the darker coloration on those states.

And the winner is….

So what can this information tell us?

Well, there is obviously more Mustang inventory, although Mustangs don’t sell quite as quickly as Camaros. And though there may be some shifting of inventory for Camaro dealers as they attempt to trade or sell their units further South during the winter months, at this point, Camaros are distributed a bit more evenly across the country. To us, this looks like Camaro will not only be in higher demand in the coming weeks, but it will also be more widely available in more states.  So, our pick for “inventory winner” is the Camaro!

Introducing a smarter map

Dealer Trade Network has created a new interactive map to show inventory data across the country for any new make and model! We aggregate inventory data from dealerships across the country to find current inventory, as well as days supply data. This will be available to you… soon. But before you get access, enjoy the sneak peek.