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As we saw in the last post, California’s top selling model for the past 30 days was the Toyota Tacoma. Toyota makes a strong showing again in this list, although several other OEMs make the truck list.

We look at data from the past 30 days to give us a snapshot of inventory and sales numbers. This lets us focus in on a specific location to get an idea of what is selling right now, and also what kind of inventory is currently on the market.

In California, the Toyota Tacoma is the sales leader for trucks in its class for the past 30 days. 3,391 Toyota Tacoma trucks have sold in the last month, a slight margin over the second-highest seller. Currently, there are 2,104 Toyota Tacomas still on the market.

Next up is the Chevy Silverado 1500. California has sold 1,572 units in the past 30 days, and still has 4,057 units of inventory available in the state.

The Ford F-150 is next on the list, having sold 1,404 units in the past month. There are still 3,420 units in inventory in California.

The RAM 1500 Pickup comes next, with 1,137 units having sold in the past month. There are currently 3,427 units available for purchase in the state of California.

The Toyota Tundra rounds out the list, selling 843 units in the past 30 days, with 939 units still in stock.

In total, 8,347 trucks from this list have sold in the past 30 days in California, and there are still 13,947 units of inventory available.