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The easy way to optimize new car inventory.

We combine market analytics software and locator services into a single solution for new car dealers

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Leaders in end-to-end fulfillment.

From discovery to delivery, we are a trusted partner to thousands of franchise dealerships in the United States.

Our software allows us to identify dealer inventory trends at a market level and we use our knowledge and experience to match dealers needing to get rid of inventory with dealers that can use it. We then coordinate payments between dealers, handle all of the paperwork, and manage the entire freight and delivery process.


We Analyze Market Trends

We Match Sellers & Buyers

We Coordinate Payment

We Manage Freight & Delivery


A partner for dealers.

Receive regular consultations and let a designated Inventory Consultant manage your new car inventory optimization.

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Auto Groups

A partner for auto groups.

Join an elite network as a member of our Preferred Dealership Program, where your dealerships will have access to exclusive benefits.

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Financial Institutions

A partner for financial institutions.

Optimizing floorplan issues is our specialty. Add our capabilities to the value you already provide to your franchise dealerships.

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Powered by industry expertise and unparalleled data.

For over 20 years, Dealer Trade Network has been establishing trusted relationships with essential industry partners and expanding our data set. Our trade recommendations are informed by comprehensive and relevant sales data collected daily from dealerships across the United States.

Our inventory consultants work with you to forecast which vehicles are most likely to sell in your unique market, and then find the dealers who have the vehicles you need.

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Insights for every make and model of every OEM.

Gain a competitive advantage by staying up to date with a daily email of the National Days Supply of every make from Acura to Volvo.

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Industry trends and news.

Thanks to unmatched data collection and proprietary software, we have a pulse on the industry. Our goal is to help new car dealers stay updated on supply and demand trends across the country.

Ready to let us match your floor plan to market demand?

Let's make it happen together.

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