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Dealer Trade Network monitors all new vehicle movement in the United States, including all new car dealer-to-dealer trade activity.

In this New Vehicle Weekly Trade Activity report, we take our data set and hone in on the most popular vehicles traded, down to the trim level, over the past week among America’s Top 25 Largest Auto Groups.

Lexus units were traded the most, making up 27% of all new vehicle, dealer-to-dealer trades across the country.

This week both Idaho and Oregon shipped the most units out of state, in dealer-to-dealer new car trades, while California brought the most units in from other states.

Most Traded Make

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2022 Lexus ES 300H – Hybrid

The Lexus ES 300H Hybrid was the most traded unit this week. We’re showing that there are 745 of these units on the ground, which comes out to a 52 day supply, nationally, based on how they’re selling across the country.

All of these units were brought into California via dealer-to-dealer trade from Idaho and Oregon, with California being the state with the most supply of these units.

2022 Silverado 1500 Limited – LT Trail Boss

Chevy claims that the Silverado 1500 Limited is the strongest, most advanced Silverado ever and there are nearly 15 times as many Limited 1500s on the ground than regular 1500s.

As of this writing, there are 4,099 LT Trail Bosses on the ground and this week units were moving into Michigan and Kansas from Idaho, Missouri, and Oregon.

2022 Mazda CX-5 – S Premium Package

The Mazda CX-5, S Premium Package rounds out the list this week.  Mazda has 21k CX-5s on the ground compared to 20k Toyota RAV4s and only 271 Nissan Rogues.

These units were moving within the state of Illinois, with one going out of Illinois and into the state of Wisconsin. We’re showing that there are 4,263 of this trim level on the ground, which is a 209% increase in inventory, month-over-month.

Our Trade Activity

Dealer Trade Network helps new car dealerships trade new units across the contiguous United States. The summary below breaks down our new car trade activity over the past seven days and year to date.

Past 7 Days

We helped new car dealers trade 139 units over the past seven days, up 23% from previous week.


Traded Units
Year to Date

We’ve been able to help new car dealers trade 420 units, since January 1, 2022.


Traded Units