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Dealer Trade Network monitors all new vehicle movement in the United States, including all new car dealer-to-dealer trade activity.

In this New Vehicle Weekly Trade Activity report, we take our data set and hone in on the most popular vehicles traded, down to the trim level, over the past week among America’s Top 25 Largest Auto Groups.

This week, the state of California had the most trades among new car dealers, however, all of the traded units stayed within the state. Ohio shipped the most units out of state, while California had the most units coming in from other states.

GMC units were traded the most, making up 22% of all new vehicle, dealer-to-dealer trades across the country.

Most Traded Make

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2022 GMC Yukon XL – SLT

The GMC Yukon XL, SLT trim level was the most traded unit this week – and is Yukon XL’s entry trim level, coming with  seven seats and four wheel drive.

All of these units were traded between new car dealerships within Southern California market.

2022 Suburu Crosstek – Premium

The Suburu Crosstek, Premium trim level had the second most units traded between new car dealerships over the past week. The Crosstek is a subcompact crossover SUV, and the Premium trim level can be equipped with an All-Weather Package and heated front seats.

The majority of these units were moved from Utah to the Boise, ID market. While the rest were moved within the state of Ohio.

2022 Honda Civic – Sport

The Honda Civic, Sport trim level rounds out our list of most traded units, this week. This trim level comes with 18 inch Gloss Black Alloy wheels and a 180-watt, eight speaker audio system. These units were coming out of Ohio and landed in California and Michigan.

Our Trade Activity

Dealer Trade Network helps new car dealerships trade new units across the contiguous United States. The summary below breaks down our new car trade activity over the past seven days and year to date.

Past 7 Days

We helped new car dealers trade 85 units over the past seven days, up 23% from previous week.


Traded Units
Year to Date

We’ve been able to help new car dealers trade 154 units, since January 1, 2022.


Traded Units