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Our software monitors all new vehicle movement in the United States, including new car trade activity.

In this New Vehicle Weekly Trade Activity report, we take our data set and hone in on the most popular vehicles traded over the past week among America’s Top 25 Largest Auto Groups.

These Auto Groups had a slow start as we kicked off 2022, with Toyota vehicles making up around 20% of trade activity over the course of the past week.

Most Traded Make

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2022 Toyota Corolla – Nightshade

The Toyota Corolla, Nightshade trim level was the most traded unit during the first week of 2022. The Nightshade trim level is a specialty line of Toyota’s that adds a black exterior and interior trim.

These units were moving from Utah to Georgia and at the time of this post, we’re showing that there are currently only 83 of these particular units on the ground throughout the United States.


2021 Ford Transit Van – Base

The Base trim level Ford Transit Van was the second most traded vehicle among America’s top dealer groups to kick off the year.

We’re showing that there are still 627 of these units in the United States, which is down -28% from last month. The states of Texas, New York, Michigan and California are currently holding the most inventory of this unit.


2021 Nissan Rogue – SV

Rounding out this week’s list is the Nissan Rogue, SV trim level, which is that unit’s highest trim level. These units were traded among dealerships in the state of California. Our software is showing that there are still 2,201 of these units available throughout the United States and that the state of New York is currently sitting on the largest quantity of them.

Our Trade Activity

Dealer Trade Network helps new car dealerships trade new units across the contiguous United States. The summary below breaks down our new car trade activity over the past seven days and year to date.

Past 7 Days

We helped new car dealers trade 69 units over the past seven days, up 15% from previous week.


Traded Units
Year to Date

We’ve been able to help new car dealers trade 69 units, since January 1, 2022.


Traded Units