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Continuing our body type highlight on Michigan, we’ve come to the subject of sedans. If you’ve followed any of the other Michigan posts this week, you may see a big shift in numbers with sedans. Michigan doesn’t seem to buy that many, at least not in the past 30 days.

We look at data from the past 30 days to give us a snapshot of inventory and sales numbers. This lets us focus in on a specific location to get an idea of what is selling right now, and also what kind of inventory is currently on the market.

Topping our list today is no big surprise: the Toyota Camry, the highest selling sedan in Michigan for the past 30 days. 458 of these units have sold in the last month, with 123 units still available in Michigan.

Next on the list is the Chevy Malibu. This model has sold 336 units in the past 30 days, with 923 units still available for purchase.

The Toyota Corolla comes in 3rd on the list this month, with 189 units sold and 102 units remaining on dealership lots.

Next on the list is the Honda Accord. 176 units have sold in Michigan in the past 30 days, with only 74 units still in stock in the state.

Rounding out the list is the Hyundai Elantra. This model has sold 137 units in Michigan in the past 30 days. There are 81 units currently available.

Total Sedans (from this list) purchased in Michigan in the past 30 days: 1,296

Total Sedans (from this list) still in inventory in Michigan: 1,303