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Last week, Automotive News reported that Ford incentives on the Mustang Mach E have had a positive effect on retail sales.  Michael Martinez’s story cited a mid-March report by Cloud Theory’s Rick Wainschel on the same topic.

After analyzing the Mach E’s supply and demand over the past six months, we can see that sales reduced significantly at the turn of the year and that Ford’s incentives were a reaction to reduced consumer demand in calendar year 2024.

Ford’s incentives on the Mach E have created interest from both buying and selling dealers over this same time frame – and as always, geography is playing a major role with dealers.

Ford dealers looking to get rid of their Mach E inventory are needing to come thousands of dollars behind MSRP in order to have them delivered to buying dealers across the country.

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Breakdown by State

Although there is an average 138 days supply of Mach E inventory from coast to coast, the Mach E’s popularity has varied widely over the past 30 days depending on where you are in the country.

Not all states are contributing to the Mach E’s increase in sales.

California sold the most units overall, last month, while Michigan has the lowest days supply. Mississipi and Arkansas have the highest days supply,  with extremely low sales volume.

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