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F-150 Lightning production was halted for nearly 5 weeks when the Rogue Electric Vehicle Center was shutdown in early February. The halt in production was caused when a battery caught fire on a truck and then spread to two other units in a holding lot near the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan where the Lightning is assembled.

Ford’s highly anticipated electric pickup truck resumed production in mid-March to continue to fulfill the backlog of orders. The automaker has received over 200,000 reservations for the electric truck and is reportedly having a difficult time getting them to consumers.

However, we monitor the F-150 Lightning’s days supply on a daily basis and are seeing a different story.

F-150 Lightning Days Supply

On February 4, 2023, our National Days Supply Report showed the F-150 Lightning having a 60 days supply in the United States. This was one day before production halted. We are now seeing a 120 days supply of Ford F-150 Lightnings, nearly one month after the plant reopened.

We also monitor the number of units sold per day across the country, and our software is showing that this is due to a -62% decrease in consumer demand. Prior to plant closure, we were showing that 45 Ford F-150 Lightnings were sold per day.

Now we are showing that 17 Ford F-150 Lightnings are being sold per day.

“In the weeks ahead, we will continue to apply our learnings and work with SK On's team to ensure we continue delivering high-quality battery packs”

Emma BerggDirector, Electric Vehicle Communications, Ford


Current Days Supply of Ford F-150 Lightnings

Photo Credits: UltraTech66 | WMrapids