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Dealer Trade Network, the inventory optimization solution for new car dealerships today announced the release of digital transactions via electronic signature documents, making it faster and easier for franchise dealerships to buy and sell new car inventory with one another.

“Signing documents electronically isn’t new, but the redesign of this experience for franchise dealers is a big step on our product roadmap to fully digitize dealer-to-dealer inventory transactions,” said Daniel Delgado, Chief Technology Officer. “Our software development team has done a phenomenal job, and I am excited for E-Sign to be live with our dealers.”

Dealer Trade Network’s electronic documents increase visibility between all parties, which allows for a faster buying and selling experience. The company is focused on reducing points of friction between franchise dealers so that new vehicles can be moved from the selling dealer’s floorplan quickly and delivered to meet the buying dealer’s retail demand, without the need for expensive software.

This is a big step on our product roadmap to fully digitizing dealer-to-dealer inventory transactions.

Electronic signatures are a convenient and more secure option for important documents to be signed. The technology has rapidly become a legitimate alternative to signing documents by hand.

About Dealer Trade Network
With a combination of proprietary software, trusted industry relationships, and deep market expertise, Dealer Trade Network manages the end-to-end trade and fulfillment process that moves new vehicles between franchise dealerships so that dealers can match their floor plans with local market demands.