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March Index Decrease

The average new car dealer-to-dealer trade price dropped significantly to $4,133 per unit, over invoice, based on 415 traded units throughout the month of March.


Trade Price Index

62% of the traded units that made up this index were Chevy and Jeep models.


This was a 17% decrease over the previous month’s trade index price despite a modest increase in floored inventory, which is now back over one million units on the ground nationally.

Dealer Trade Network - March 22 Dealer-to-Dealer Trade Price Index

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About the New Car Average Dealer-to-Dealer Trade Price Index
Dealer Trade Network’s New Car Monthly Dealer-to-Dealer Trading Price Index shows the average monthly price, relative to the vehicle’s invoice price, that new car dealerships pay other new car dealerships for new units.

About Dealer Trade Network
Dealer Trade Network uses market data and machine learning to help new car dealerships turn their floorplan faster, leading to increased revenue and higher margins. Over the last 12 months, the company facilitated the trade  of 5,251 units between new car dealerships.