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April Index Slide

The average new car dealer-to-dealer trade price dropped below invoice for the second time this year. On average, selling dealerships received -$41 per unit under invoice for new vehicles sold to other franchised dealerships.

The April Trade Index is based on 1,027 traded vehicles throughout the month of April.



81% of the traded units that made up this index were Chevy, Jeep, GMC, RAM, and Ford models.

This was another large drop for the index, which had bounced back last month after nine straight months of decline. We are showing that national inventory levels are still hovering at just under 2M units on the ground – and that certain specialty units are commanding premium prices.

Models like the Mustang GT, the Ford F-150 Raptor, and the RAM 1500 TRX were bringing selling dealerships tens of thousands of dollars over invoice, as they are in demand in various markets throughout the country.

Toyota dealerships received the most money over invoice for their new car inventory, while Jeep dealerships continue to receive the least amount of money from other new car dealerships.

Dealer Trade Network Dealer to Dealer Trade Price Index - April 2023

National Days Supply Report

We track the national days supply of every model and update this report daily.

About the New Car Average Dealer-to-Dealer Trade Price Index
Dealer Trade Network’s New Car Monthly Dealer-to-Dealer Trading Price Index shows the average monthly price, relative to the vehicle’s invoice price, that new car dealerships pay other new car dealerships for new units.

About Dealer Trade Network
With a combination of proprietary software, trusted industry relationships, and deep market expertise, Dealer Trade Network manages the end-to-end trade and fulfillment process that moves new vehicles between franchised dealerships so that dealers can match their floor plans with local market demands. In 2022, the company facilitated the trade of more than 7,200 new vehicles nationwide.