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As reported by the Detroit Free Press yesterday, Chevy has slashed the price on Bolt EVs and Bolt EUVs, following a long and troublesome recall that saw many auto dealers forced to hang on to these units for extended periods. Chevy’s price cut aims to make the electric models extremely attractive to consumers, positioning the Bolt models as the best, most affordable electric vehicles on the market.

As the Press reports, “Cox Automotive estimates Chevy has a four-month supply of Bolt EUVs and nearly two months of the smaller Bolts on hand.” This made us wonder where those vehicles are—which states have them, and which states don’t.

For most inventory enthusiasts, it will come as no surprise that the majority of Bolt EUVs currently reside in California. In fact, over a third of the nation’s Bolt EUV inventory is located in California, with 1509 units on dealer lots. New York is a distant second place, carrying 232 units. Dealers in both Texas and Washington hold 209 units, and Florida currently has 194 units.

The North Central region of the country holds the fewest Bolt EUV units. Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming each have fewer than 10 new units for sale across their state.

The story is a little different for the smaller Bolt EV models. New York carries the majority of the share with 328 units. 243 units are in California, while Texas and Florida each have 51. Washington currently carries 39 units.

Somewhat surprisingly, there are few of these units available in some key Northeast states, as well as the North Central states: Maine, Delaware, and New Hampshire each carry less than 5 units, as do North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.

Cox may be correct that there is a four- and two-month supply of these units, but we will likely see a significant amount of inventory movement before all customers have a chance at Chevy’s affordable electric offering.