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In another Ford v. Chevy matchup, we’re taking a look at inventory data for the Chevy Silverado 1500 and the Ford F-150. These half-tons have been competitors for years, and are pretty comparable down the line. But, which model is easier to find right now, and which is in higher demand?

Silverado 1500

Although national inventory numbers are close to the same, Chevy Silverado is selling about 37% slower than the F-150. However, the Silverado 1500 may be somewhat easier to find, as the distribution is more even. For instance, Michigan and New York have higher numbers of Silverado 1500 than F-150.


Ford F-150 is selling around 300 more units per day than Silverado 1500. With a healthy 50 days supply of inventory in the country, it looks unlikely that the F-150 would be too difficult for anyone in the country to find. Even Wyoming, which is very light in terms of inventory, has a 50 days supply.

And the winner is….

So what does this data tell us?

These competitors have roughly the same amount of inventory in the U.S. However, the Ford F-150 is currently outselling the Chevy Silverado 1500 pretty handily. Even though the Silverado 1500 is more evenly distributed across the country, the distribution of the F-150 still maintains close to a 50 days supply throughout each state. So today’s pick for winner of the inventory battle is the Ford F-150!

Introducing a smarter map

Dealer Trade Network has created a new interactive map to show inventory data across the country for any new make and model! We aggregate inventory data from dealerships across the country to find current inventory, as well as days supply data. This will be available to you… soon. But before you get access, enjoy the sneak peek.